Would this work as a Sky mounting option?

I’m thinking of using this mounted to a sturdy wooden fencepost in the ground to give an effective height of around 20 feet for my Sky when it arrives. In the questions they say the smallest of the telescoping segments is 1¼". That’s the right width for Sky, isn’t it? Though it seems to be geared for bird houses, folks asking about wind resistance seem to have favorable feedback here, but I wanted to run it by the enthusiasts in this group first. Plus, since it’s telescoping, it should make it relatively easy to pull down whenever it’s time to change the batteries.

Difficult to say if it won’t swing to much but since I see an end dia of 2" it should be ok.

and there it goes bad as that is way over the diameter the adapter of the Sky can take, max is 32 mm (something like 1 1/4 inch ??) but maybe you can find some adapter to reduce dia and then mount the sky.

Just remember that the pole will produce quite some force on your fence in heavy windy condition (lever effect)

You can find a compression adapter at any hardware store. I read on WeatherFlow it will take a 1” pole.