Sky mounting pole diameter

What is the outside diameter in inches for the pipe/pole needed to fit the sky mounting bracket?

Mounting: SKY should be mounted securely, insulated from any motion and vibration. We recommend using the compression mount, included with your SKY, mounted to a cylindrical mast. The SKY mount is designed to fit a standard “one-inch” nominal pipe (outer diameter = 1.315 inches, or 33.4 mm) as well as a 1.25 inches (32 mm) outer diameter pole, both common at DIY stores around the world.

More detail here:

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The website also shows that it has a key hole mount but I don’t see where that is located since it is not on the bottom of my SKY unit that I just received? Does the pole mount come apart? Doesn’t look like it.

This question is of interest to me since I bought in after seeing the web page illustration showing both Air and Sky with the possibility of keyhole as well as 14"-20 thread mounts. (“flexible mounting”)

In my condo location I can’t mess with poles, but I do have several places where I could install security cam mounts for Air and Sky. There are loads of inexpensive ready made mounts with the 1/4-20 screw, for various mounting configurations, and I was hoping to experiment with them for both Air and Sky. So I hope the web page illustrations are accurate.

Please see Question re "flexible mounting" for Sky