"Flexible mounting" for Sky

The WeatherFlow webpage http://weatherflow.com/smart-home-weather-stations/ have illustrations that show Sky with “flexible mounting” described as keyhole mount, 1/4"-20 screw, and 1" pole.

At around 1:47 here, it looks like a rooftop Sky install on a screw camera mount https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IC2ecYY8rw .

But all of the discussion I’ve seen here about Sky mounting is about the pole mount, and at least one poster (Sky mounting pole diameter) has written that Sky as shipped to him did not offer the keyhole or 14/20 options.

For my part, I’m now confused and my question question is: what are all the mounting options for Sky? Does Sky really have keyhole and 1/4-20 screw
hole mount options in addition to the 1" pole sleeve? Is there a separate collar for the keyhole/screw mount or what?

For various reasons, including but not limited to HOA rules, it’s a lot easier for me to stick something up on a camera mount, even in an odd location, and call it a security device, than to install anything on a pole, even one just a few feet long. BTDT.

FWIW, my brand new Sky also arrived without the keyhole + 1/4-20 mount. The missing mount is the same exact one as shipped with the Air, so you can see exactly what the missing part is supposed to look like…

IOW it’s looking to me as if Sky would need to be shipped with two separate mounts, to provide one for the pipe mount, and the other for the keyhole/screwhole mount; but in fact Sky is being shipped with only the pipe mount.

I’ll admit that I watched this early review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgAyBTagK74 and the keyhole/screw mount was nowhere to be seen, only the pipe sleeve, but I figured the reviewer was a field tester reviewing a pre-production model. WeatherFlow’s webpage and youtubes show 3 mounting possibilities for Sky.

For my part this begs the question of when the WeatherFlow spare parts dept. will open up so I can buy the keyhole/screwhole mount – it would make my installation a lot easier. But it looks like it’ll be a while before my units come in the mail, maybe it’ll get worked out by then.

This is interesting. WFs website still clearly shows a picture of the Sky with keyhole and screw mount (http://weatherflow.com/smart-home-weather-stations/).

Perhaps @dsj can clarify, as I am also planning on using the screw mount.

Good question! While we originally intended to ship SKY with both mount options, field testing revealed that the pole mount was clearly superior in terms of data collection. We therefore decided to ship with only the pole mount in order to encourage this mounting option. If you have a situation that make the pole mount impractical or impossible, please contact us at support@weatherflow.com or http://got.wf/contact and we’ll be happy to send you a flat plate mount!


Thanks dsj! I will be sending the email soon.

FYI in addition to all of the other features of the WeatherFlow system, the flexible mountings for SKY were a deal clincher for me. A pole mount is no-go in my location (must be likewise for many other urban dwellers), so it was great to find a quality system that allowed for alternatives, and there are dozens when you add up the available camera mounts using ¼-20 screws.

@ dsj

Interesting situation.

Does the Air still come with the slots or am I going to have same issue in mounting them ?

A bit more background. Remember, as a company with deep meteorological roots our motto has always been: “Better Data, Better Decisions”. During field testing, we discovered that the SKY got the cleanest data when mounted up on top of a pole. So we redesigned the SKY mount to work with a standard “1-inch” pole or pipe.

Instead of producing and shipping the flat mount bases with the 1/4-20 screw with every SKY (adds cost, majority of users would not use, creates unnecessary waste), we are sending the preferred pole mount base with all SKYs. This was noted over and over again in posts, forums, updates, and emails.

You will see the SKY pictured with a flat mount base on IndieGogo and the WeatherFlow website as this was the original intent two years before we knew better. Yes, we could have spent another $5000 to reshoot all the photography…but we’d rather spend that money on something more productive like weather technology.

Indiegogo backers who want a flat mount base for your SKY — NO WORRIES, just email us at support@weatherflow.com and we’ll figure out a way to send you one. :slight_smile:

SKY - comes with pole mount
AIR - comes with flat mount
Both devices are designed to accommodate either base!



if anyone needs a screw mount i have 3 spare ones feel free to send me a pack of pork sausages and ill pop one in the post… sorry gary need a sense of humor sometimes wasnt meant has you see it :grin:anyway lets hope using that little screw mount is solid and held down without any movement otherwise …xxx . mountimg on the pole mount with thick pvc tubing is a proven vibration cause false rain free solution . as i sit here with another session of 50kmh winds …

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Many thanks for clarifying this (and @dsj), and providing a nice solution for those of us who are unlucky to not be able to use a pole mount for various reasons!

One can always switch the mounts. Use the Air mount on the Sky and get the Sky mounted high. It will be easy to mount the Air using the Sky mount or no mount at all.

Then one can get the new mount from WeatherFlow and not have to wait to get the Sky in service.

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Oh nooo, I’ve already prepared a mounting location to fix the Sky with a 1/4 "-20 screw…

see photo!


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For the screw mount plate for the sky, scroll a few posts back for the solution

What is more disturbing to me, is that the Air module on the pole in open sky ? If so your temp readings etc will be completely wrong as it should at best be in the shade and never get any direct sun on it. The housing isn’t isolating and will heat up and give false readings.

read here : https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005229767-Proper-Siting-Installation

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Yes, I know, but only for testing, then comes back on the mountain at 2510m altitude in a shady spot…

the difference is just 2-3 degree to a VP2 on fully sun…if the measuring hole is set exactly to N…:wink:

You have the Air exposed to direct sunlight. That’s Bad.

Can the SKY unit be mounted either horizontally OR vertically?

how can rain fall on top when mounted horizontally ?

the air unit can, but the sky needs to be vertical for all its sensors (rain, wind speed, wind direction, uv, solar radiation)

SKY must be mounted vertically. Face the ‘N’ marking towards the north using compass.