Poor fit by new Solar Panel

Recently rec’d the new solar panel and found time today to install. Unfortunately the fit is extremely loose. There was no slight ‘click’ as the pieces were rotated together. It is so loose it rotated slightly when I shook the mounting pole and I’m not confident that it will hold up to even a moderate wind gust.

Definitely contact @WFmarketing about that. Maybe the gasket on the top wasn’t made thick enough. Make sure it actually has one, too.

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Thanks. I don’t remember seeing a gasket… will check packaging in case I missed it.

The gasket should be installed on the top of the mount where the Sky goes. It has two ridges for the contact against the Sky.

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There is a gasket that goes around the channel. It will be easy to see and feel. It helps seal and keep the connection tight.


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@madtinker that definitely sounds unusual… We’ve sent you an email through our support desk and we’ll work with you through there. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

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Interesting observation! The gasket has a very low profile and I did report to David that I thought mine was a bit slack and needed another couple of mil. Nonetheless, it works brilliantly and has not, as far as I can ascertain, dislodged yet.

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Had the same problem. I have two sky’s and on one unit was a very loose fit at the sky/solar connection and would not work. Put it on my other Sky and although not a tight fit was better and has been working just fine.
That said, WF staff has been great. Sent out a new solar unit and will get it today. Hopefully it will be a better fit for the Sky I really want it on. Last resort is to swap the Skys so I have the solar unit on the station that needs it more.

Mine was very loose as well, but not the solar panel to the Sky, mine was the post mount to the solar panel. I found it was a bit tighter if I rotated the post mount 180 degrees, but it was still a much slacker fit than the post mount directly to the sky. I’ll probably wrap some white electrical tape around it when I get the time.

My one was loose too, so I just put some layers of electrical tape over the gasket and trim then back.
That did the trick and it is nice and tight now.


Mine was loose at the pole mount as well when I installed it a few weeks ago. I was up on my roof today for another reason and checked on it. When i twisted it off the pole mount, lots of water poured out. This is going to be a big problem come winter when ice forms inside of this.

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I have the Sky mounted on a pole and never had a water issue. Where exactly was the water?

It was in the space beneath the solar panel.

Check the battery compartment of the Sky. It’s very possible the Sky is the issue.

I had a lot of water in my unit also. I will go back to batteries in the fall as ice will be a real problem in winter.

I had a bunch of water in mine the other day and was getting some weird voltage drops on chart
Wf support told me that that was normal and would not hurt anything but I can see your point about freezing I found water in the upper section also but it could of came from my having to tip the pole to access the unit as it is on the end of a 14’ pipe.

WeatherFlow Staff


Hi, thanks for checking and please keep us posted on any issues. Water between the pole mount and solar panel is expected and not an issue; there are no electrical contacts between the two attachments

Mine has the same problem as Dave - extremely loose fit between SKY pole mount and retrofit solar panel. Just the slightest twist causes the entire Sky with solar panel to fall off pole mount. Anybody devise a way to more positively lock these two modules together, like the fairly solid lock between the Sky and the pole mount? Electrical tape adhesive will just melt and slide off. The defect in this scheme seems to be with the receiving side of the retrofit solar panel module.

Hi @robert.jochim,
I use silicone tape around it. (edit1.: It may also be called self amalgamating tape) Different colours depending which roll I grab. The type of tape that doesnt stick to itself unless you stretch it and turns into rubber like bond but doesnt use glue to stick to the Sky. Yet it should also be fairly water tight but I have had water in mine after using the tape so not sure if the water came up from below the mount. It comes off very easily with a slight cut. Here is a picture with bird poop on it…
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

If there’s a problem with the solar panel attaching securely please contact support@weatherflow.com or open a ticket

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Interesting. My Sky got knocked over for a day or so and Sunday when I fixed it there was water between the base and solar panel (NOT between the panel and Sky). Enough water that it poured out, not just a little condensation. I thought it was just my sprinklers or rain that got in while it was semi-sideways, but now I will be paying closer attention. If water gets in during normal use, freezing could cause grief.

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