Station Offline

I just noticed that my station has been offline for 20 minutes. I checked the Hub and it’s green. How can I troubleshoot this before restart the Hub?

Stn: 33230
RSSI: around -80

Was working fine for 3 days.

Edit: A HUB power cycle did not re-established the communication.

Edit 2: I power cycled the station but still down.

Edit 3: Reset the HUB as mentioned here no luck.

I pushed the LED in the Tempest for more than 30 seconds and now its blinking green but still not connecting to the HUB. (Not sure what green blinking LED means, I can’t find any documentation).

Last update: Finally got it working again. I didn’t know that after reset the Tempest it needs to be re-added to the HUB :frowning: after added it, the station came online.

Will keep monitoring it to see if the issue comes again.

This is from

Thanks for share that link, very helpful information. I wish I had it before. Station is back up.