Subfreezing Temps and low SP battery indicator

I replaced my wind SP on Dec 15th. The first one was installed on November 28th and it failed after several days of rain and wet weather.

I am now getting a replace battery message on my wind battery reading. My temps have been subfreezing for the past 6 days. In the documentation it indicates the battery does not charge during subfreezing periods.

Is the low battery indicator likely being caused by the subfreezing temps. The voltage has been steadily decreasing ever since the subfreezing conditions set in. We expect to see daytime above freezing temps for the next several days. Should I assume the SP will now start charging the battery or is there another issue with the unit? I live in CT and during the winter season we will have several periods of a few days in a row with subfreezing temps. Do I need to use batteries in the winter or should the SP battery re-charge once temps get above freezing? Love the unit, but am getting frustrated… John

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