Tapatalk Application Support - For Smartphones

Hello All,

I’m not sure if the forum software that WeatherFlow uses is conducive to integrating with Tapatalk. If so it would be really great if the team considered doing so. As it allows tight integration, quick reading, and a easy method to leave replies while on the road. :sunglasses:

Thank You! :+1:

Discourse does not support Tapatalk and Jeff Atwood has stated “The Tapatalk compatibility feature is not on our roadmap at all right now.”

There is a smartphone app for reading Discourse sites, but the reviews that I’ve read claim that it is nothing more than a web wrapper and you might as well just use your browser…

Not so sure Tapatalk is so interesting as only old pro users are not invaded by publicity seems. I still have that version so I never see any publicity but honestly… don’t see the interest of it anymore. Most scripts have a special skin or are responsive …