Tempest Wind Readings

I’ve had my Tempest up for 13 days now.

Last night (06/03/2020) we had a very little bit of rain (gauge is showing .01), however, we had some very gusty winds (about 3:20am) which the Tempest recorded only once at 13mph. They were much stronger than that because tree limbs and a chair was blown over on my porch which has never happened. Now I’m questioning the validity of the wind sensors.

Can there be something wrong with my Tempest or maybe it’s not perfectly even? I have it on a metal pole for stability about 18’ above the ground.

That does sound odd. Any chance you could post a picture of how/where you have your Tempest mounted?

That being said, a SKY a few miles NW of you, station 5994, shows a peak of ~10mph (16km/h) so it is possible your station was accurate for where it is sited and other local effects caused the wind to be such that it blew the chair over.

Thanks for the quick reply. That thought crossed my mind.

Here are a couple of photos of the mount and location.

I’m wondering if the trees and nearby houses are affecting the wind in such a way that it really was only seeing gusts up to 13mph. Typically the readings are quite accurate. Looking back as the history there was a peak gust of over 17mph and nothing looked out of sorts to me. @eric do you see anything out of sorts with this station?

Is it correct, the house to the left on the first picture is direction NNW from Tempest ? Or which direction is north ?

I had a look and the Tempest doesn’t show any problem (from what I can see).

Looking at the solar panels I’d say N is +/- where the trees are. Depending where wind came from and the combination of houses, screen and trees … I can easily imagine swirling giving very different readings and effects in 4 corners …
As gizmoev mentioned, nearby stations give comparable results to yours (not identical for sure as wind changes meter after meter).