Tracking Daily Rain Accumulation

so I got a tempest device about a month ago, and really like it. It works fine. I also am running Indigo, a home automation system, am using the Weatherflow plugin, and would like to collect the rain accumulation data in real time, but that doesn’t seem possible. While the rain accumulation totals are on the webpage for my device, it doesn’t show up as data that can be collected thru the Plugin for Indigo. I’m assuming this is either because that data not available to the plugin, or the plugin doesn’t / can’t see it

Am hoping this could be changed in some future update.

I CAN gather total rain accumulation data from yesterday, but not from today. And while that is useful, tracking how much rain I had yesterday doesn’t help much in tracing how much rain fell today…

Total daily rain accumulation is available via the REST API and Websocket. If the Indigo plugin uses those data sources (rather than the local UDP broadcasts where it is not available), then it is the plugin that has chosen not to display it.

Thanks… was aware that was also an option, but appreciate your making it clear.