UDP Documentation - error in Precipitation Type

It seems that the Precipitation Type in the latest UDP API documentation needs a small update.

The documentation says that these: 0 = none, 1 = rain, 2 = hail are the options, but I do sometimes get a value of 3 which occurs when there is heavy rain. Just wanted to mention it.

3 = cats & dogs :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


3 = Build an Ark??? :thinking:

: type mismatch …?!

here is the official reply from David

3 = 1+2
it’s a bitmask

1 = rain
2 = hail
3 = rain + hail ‘detected’

2 and 3 are at this moment not actively used for users. Guess technicians are still fine tuning the ‘sound’ signatures (that’s my personal theory and maybe not the real case :wink: )

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That field is actually a bitmask, where:
1 = 0b01 = rain
2 = 0b10 = hail

which means:
3 = 0b11 = rain & hail

We should make that more clear in the docs. Thanks for pointing that out!

Note, you should consider the “hail” bit experimental and use at your own risk.


0b0100 = dogs
0b1000 = cats
0b1100 = cats & dogs :smiley:


0b1111 = turtles

Hate it when it gets to turtles…

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nah, 0b1111 = cats & dogs & hail & rain. If you want to be prepared for turtles you should define another bit as in 0b10000 = turtles.

Thanks, that clarifies it. I would say that whenever. I get the combination of 1 & 2, it is always Heavy Rain, and no Hail, so yes that might need some fine tuning.

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