Use bme280 as indoor AIR device?

I’m using Pi Console to display station weather. The display has a spot for indoor temp/humidity, but I don’t have an indoor AIR. I do have a bme280 temp/humidity sensor attached to the Pi, which can supply data through a python library. Has anyone written code that can send data to the WeatherFlow database from sources other than the AIR or SKY, or that can act as an indoor AIR would? Thanks.

Do you mean you use @peter wfpiconsole ?

Sending data to Weatherflow ?? Don’t think that is intended nor available.
Use your own database … you can indeed, and from there you can code like you want to whatever. Peter’s code is open and you can modify it at will like some did. But each upgrade will overwrite this.
@Gary’s archivesw script also has some code to get data from the pins


Thanks; I will look at alternatives.

That is not possible.

I wrote some code on RPi a few years ago to read the data from the BME280 and use it for indoor conditions. I think it’s still sitting on the RPi, but it’s currently powered down and packed away. There is a library available with code samples for that sensor, check sparkfun or someplace like that that sells the sensors.

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