Setup - Indoor Temperature

I have been running Weatherflow PiConsole for a long time now while waiting for the long delayed “Air” to become available…
I have now ordered a refurbished Tempest to run as an Indoor sensor.
What is involved in setting up the Indoor panel on Pi Console & getting it working.??

Unfortunately this won’t work. The indoor temperature can only be provided by an Air device (which has long been discontinued rather than delayed). To use a Tempest you would have to make significant modifications to the code

In a word - Bugger…!!
So if I understand it right, there is no way to get Indoor Temperature displayed on the Pi Console, other than the discontinued Air device.

Yes, that’s the case unfortunately. It’s why the indoor temperature is now hidden by default

What happened to the ability to add an i2c temperature sensor that was in earlier versions of PiConsole, IIRC???

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Thanks Peter
It is a shame - the reason I moved to the Tempest from a 1-Wire station was ease of maintaining the setup…and the Tempest has been all that was promised in this regard.
No more bus errors & cables getting chewed by birds etc. (Also no more outdoor temp, grass level temp, indoor temp & humidity, etc :slightly_frowning_face:)

Unfortunately, the rainfall has been very inaccurate, I am on my 2nd Tempest & this is still an issue.

But my main use is checking indoor Vs outdoor temperatures. The Pi Console is great for displaying the Tempest data - but having to run 2 parallel systems to get indoor & outdoor

is not what I am after, despite the Pi Console being a professional looking display & the backup being terrific.

It is unfortunate that the Weatherflow people assured me the Air would soon become available for use on Australian frequencies when I asked before purchasing the Tempest…!!
Then now seem to have discontinued it. To say it is frustration is an understatement (Rant over :thinking:)

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The thing is that the AIR seems to still be available in the US & Canada.

$100! That’s exactly what I paid for my extra WF-AIR01 back in December 2021. . when I ordered it from William G.

Interesting! This is news to me. I wonder whether they are selling spare stock, or whether it is still being manufactured

The Air may well still be available for US & Canada - the Australian & NZ Tempests have to use different frequencies - due to different Gon’t requirements.
So Air Units would also need to be using those different frequencies.
It just rubs salt in after being told that they would be available when I enquired pre purchase.

Don’t necessarily take my word that they have been discontinued. I don’t work for WF and had no idea they were selling AIR units for any country (hence my assumption that they were discontinued). I suggest getting in touch with the WF support team to clarify what is and isn’t available


The Air is a massive and expensive thing to do this on. If that’s your main use, you probably picked the wrong vendor and product.

Ecowitt (China) seems to be the vendor that’s copying WF. The Wittboy Pro (Wittboy Pro – Ecowitt) seems to line up with folks who want a Tempest-like station with a color display at least notionally. You could add additional indoor T+H sensors, soil sensors, and the like for $15 US or so.

I have no idea if their haptic is any good but I’ve had good luck with their ala-carte T+H sensors for a couple years, and there’s a great weewx driver (from an Aussie) if you wanted to go that way.

Note - Ecowitt gear watchdog timers phone home to China, if that concerns you. Of course WF gear phones home to WF too similarly.

Edit - but I still like Peter’s console the best I think…