Using IFTTT to turn on a switch every hour when temp drops below a threshold

Need some help figuring out how to get IFTT to turn on a Vesync wifi switch every hour when the temp is below 20 degrees. Basic recipe works but I have a schedule running on the Vesync software that may have the switch off at times but I want to use IFTTT to essentially override this when its below 20 degrees outside. Have tried using a QUERY with the Temp Hist but it doesn’t return current point in time temp so isn’t reliable.

Any thoughts on how to approach this?

Android rooted phone/device and Tasker
(nobody else replied so that’s my only suggestion, if you don’t know what that is all about, forget it!)

I took a look at the ifttt options with tempest and other weather stations and did not see anything useful.

Seems so odd since simple trigger can pick up current/spot temp but query can’t return the same.

You could try using the Trigger “New observation” then write filter code to check the temperature. Here’s a link to the details for that trigger.

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My attempts to write such filter code are failing. Any chance someone out there can help a filter code noob with this task?

I’m no expert, but try something like this as a filter with the “New Observation”, and you’ll need the change the action from IfNotifications.sendNotification.skip() to whatever the skip action for your THEN action.

if ( Number(Weatherflow.newObservation.AirTemp) >= 20 ) {

The way this works is that it says that if the Air Temperature is 20 or higher, skip the action. The default is to execute the action. If you tell me what your THEN action is I can look up the exact syntax for the .skip() action, although you’ll see it listed below the filter code box, like this:

You are a legend!

if ( Number(Weatherflow.newObservation.AirTemp) >= 20 ) {

Worked like a charm. Thx so much!

Glad that I could help!

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