IFTTT support for loss of power/loss of connectivity

My use case is a little different as my units are installed on my boat/the dock.

I was wondering if there is a way the system can have a trigger when the router loses connectivity to the network. Obviously, it would be impossible to know if that was because of a loss of power or a loss of internet connectivity, but it would serve as a useful proxy for loss of power. At least a proxy for something ain’t right.

This would be beyond the hard 60-minute push/email lost connection alert already in the system.


Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. You want to use your Smart Weather station as a watchdog for your power/internet. We set the 60-minute “offline” notice somewhat arbitrarily, but long enough hopefully so as not to “cry wolf” with every little power or internet hiccup. It would not be terribly hard to make that a user-configurable settings, though I suspect this should be doable with IFTTT or another 3rd-party integration. You should be able to have IFTTT send an email to a general watchdog/monitoring system like Nagios or Zabbix or Cacti each time an observation comes in, and then configure the monitoring system to take some action when it doesn’t receive that email after a certain amount of time. Sounds like a fun weekend project for someone! :wink:

I have NEVER used IFTTT but if it’s like every other service…

It seems to me it can be set up so the Station sends data ever 60 seconds. IFTTT can be set to send an alert if it hasn’t received data from Station in X minutes.

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Do you mean

if it hasn’t received data?

Yes, that is exactly what I intended to type. There are times when using a phone that what keys I intend to press don’t exactly make it to the text box and I press “Reply” without reading the actual text to be sent.

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That’s easy to do, happens a lot to me.

I looked at IFTTT to see if there was any way to handle this using just IFTTT and it does not look like that can work. At the moment it seems like another service would be needed (like @dsj suggested . . . maybe Zabbix or Cacti).

Just wondering if it would be possible for WeatherFlow to modify its IFTTT service to add a “NO New Observation” trigger with a configurable time period.

If that could be done, then the “lost power or connectivity” notification is easily accomplished using only IFTTT to detect the trigger and to send out the e-mail or SMS alert (or any other sort of IFTTT action). Basically this would do exactly what @GaryFunk suggested in his post on this topic.



Yes, it looks like that’s possible. I’ve added this topic to the #owners:feature-requests category, which we’re using to collect (and hopefully implement) user-requested features.

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