UV and LUX trigger in IFTTT?

I´m a satisfied owner of Sky/Air and have been supporting this project since the very start. I also follow this forum and have to say there are a lot of geeks and knowledge and most of all passion for this project! Even the support from WF has been tremendous once i needed to replace a faulty Air unit!

However, I tried to get IFFT integration IOS app working with my (massive) Z-wave system but it seems UV and Lux are not options in IF? Target is to let lights turn on / off based on LUX instead of sunset/sunrise time. Am I missing something out or is these options left out of the basic WF IFTTT integration?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and Happy New Year from Sweden.

HI Mackan,

Already what linking ‘applet’ do you use ?

This one that logs to Google sheets does have the data, by deduction it should be available if asked.

And why go via ios ?? Interested how you pull in the data to z-wave (using myself a ‘little’ network)

Hi @eric ,

Using IFTTT IOS app to create a trigger was just because I was lazy :-). Thanks to your input realized my embarrassing mistake. I tried to pull trigger from service WeatherUnderground and not the Tempest IFTTT service :confounded: So issue solved and this case can be closed. All triggers I asked for are available.

As I´m not a hacker myself I use IFTTT as bridge between Z-wave (Telldus hub, who also have integration with IFTTT) and the WF Sky / Air when I need triggers from WF. Pretty convenient.

However, in the best of worlds I would like to skip this 3-rd party integration (IFTTT) as it makes these trigger dependent of a internet connection but I guess you can´t have it all.