UV Sensor is showing 0 on Sunny Day


It’s been a while since I have been on the forum. My unit has been pretty flawless for almost two years now. However, recently I have notice that the UV sensor shows 0 or .03, etc. Very low UV raiting when the sun is extremely bright and unobscured. Local station shows a current UV rating of 5.

Is there anything that can be checked (sensor is not blocked) on my end or a calibration possibly on your end?

The current values are as follows:


72138 lux


Stu E.- Station ID: 38310

probably due to some fluke around midday it re-calibrated itself with some very wrong values. Contacting support is probably the best way to go.

It looks like it is working now. Strange how it has been way off for a long time yet the Solar Radiation values looked reasonable.

That said, however, this is what it is saying right now.

There is no way the UV is 10 with a SR value of 52W/m^2. You might want to open a support ticket and have them see what is going on. @sunny is probably right. Some strange calibration happened.