Weak WiFi on HUB

Not sure if its just my HUB, but the WiFi seems very weak. I have a very good WiFi signal in my home but the HUB had difficulties connecting to it. Finally got everything working, but then when I try and move the HUB to another location, I lose WiFi again. I can confirm there is a strong signal where I am trying to locate it. Anyone else notice this?

Can you have a look at the rssi values on the webpage (click on the green online dot down the page to flip over to the details)

there you have the signal strengths from all the parts of the station.

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RSSI -44 and works fine when right next to the WiFi, but if you move it it won’t connect.

And once you move it ike 3 meters, what gives the RSSI value ???
-44 is a good value, it becomes a problem when you go over -80 (scale is backwards btw, closer to 0 = best)


What is the distance from your access point to the Hub when it reads -44?


I have moved the HUB around to multiple spots and can confirm anything outside 10 feet from the router becomes an issue. BUT no problems connecting the HUB to the SKY or AIR regardless where I moved it. My WiFi is strong so it is for sure the HUB.

contact WF so they investigate and/or send you a new hub

support via the website : http://got.wf/contact

support via mail : support@weatherflow.com

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I have just installed 2 sets and had problems with one of the hubs. The Sky / Air would only work with in a 10 feet and I had to move the hub close to the router to keep that in contact.

Support is replacing the hub as it appear to have a dodgy anntenae

mrburns Did you receive your replacement HUB? If so did it resolve your issue?

Yes it did
Range of hub is excellent
I have now installed it in turkey this week and all appears well it has updated itself to to firmware 94 and it is a matter of automatic calibration over next few days.