WeatherFlow forecasting

Every 5 in 1 weather station I know of has weather conditions from cloudy, sunny, party cloudy, etc so is showing trends in graphic form.

Why does weather flow not do this,? But pulls off weather forcast from offical weather sights.

While this is a great feature would love to see the trends also produced by weather flow itself,? So it works out a forcast.

Would be good to see what weather flows forcast is compared to offical.

Even my Davis vue gives projected forecasts generated from pressure trends and found it pretty accurate as it forecasted 24 hours ahead.

Personally I’ve never found the weather forecasts on my Davis VP2 to be particularly accurate. Throwing darts on a board would achieve about the same level of accuracy I’ve found on my Davis. I really think these graphical forecasts are more of a ‘cutesy’ thing than anything else.

I’d rather have a more accurate graphical depiction, pulled from a weather site, than the Davis guesstimates.

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Indeed, the forecasts displayed by the Vantage Pro2 and the Vantage Vue consoles are a ‘joke’ as they are based on very simple algorithm.

I have been using Weather Display for some 14 years to process the data from my Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. Weather Display also try to display the forecasts. but they are also based on very simple algorithm.

In order to get accurate forecasts for the area where my weather station is located, I have been using a specific program, the ‘WXSIM - Interactive Local Atmospheric Modeling System’. The software produces its forecasts using a combination of imported real-time and model data (from the Internet and from my home weather station) and its own internal modeling capabilities. The forecasts produced by WXSIM are very close to the forecasts produced by Environment Canada for the community.

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Then why can this modeling or something similar not be done with WF to give a forcast?

I can’t speak for WF, but from what I know they have no global solution (yet?). Take for example the raincheck option, it works in the US and a little over the border but not for ex. in Europe.
How can they, at this stage, propose a home solution as weather forecast ? What will be served for now US customers ??
For sure they have it on the list but … it is a step by step progress and they are not a multi national :wink: You have to run with the means you have and not try to go any faster (or accept to fall)

I think the first thing they should have had was false rain deletion as the WF is so sensitive to vibration many are getting false rain reports.

Davis has had this for years.

As far as rain detection goes, so far mine has been great compared to my Davis and ecowitt station.

But have had the odd false rain report.

And live in New Zealand and got one straight from WF themselves.

Had to take apart the solar panel mount and reverse it for our location so was no need to buy a southern hemisphere solar panel which are available.

Overall so far impressed with rainfain fall readings but as yet have not got a rain gauge to really compare.

But when it’s working it maybe more accurate.

As it measures down to .1mm the Davis. 2mm and ambient the first recording is .3mm then .2mm so a .1mm should lead to more accuracy.

Love how you get more wind data. Rain reporting is instant, unlike the Bucklet system.

Hi Everyone. Good discussion as always! WeatherFlow is literally the only weather station manufacturer that actually employs a full staff of Atmospheric Scientists who are hard at work creating our own dramatically improved numerical weather prediction capabilities. We also employ a full staff of operational meteorologists who leverage our proprietary data sets and publish a human analysis forecast on a 3x daily basis for key coastal regions. (read: there are no/few meteorologists and/or modeling experts on staff at Davis, Acurite, Ambient, Ecowitt, Netatmo etc.) We have a long history of evaluating the performance of a range of the latest global forecast models and assimilating proprietary point-specific observed data to improve those models.

So…what does this all mean for our Smart Weather Stations customers?? Well let’s just say that good things are coming in terms of custom, dramatically improved forecast technology specifically informed by and tuned from the data collected in your backyard. — More to come — . :nerd_face:

More data = better forecasts at your house.


So far the rain we have had here and rainfall is more accurate than my vantage vue and ecowitt ws 2029a clone.

So far an impressed and raincheck does not even work over here.