WeatherFlow Pi Console on Ubuntu 22.04 desktop version

I’ve looked for documentation as to what I might have done wrong. I installed Weather Flow Pi Console on a Raspberry Pi 4b everything installed correctly with no error. I have a 22 inch Acer display with a DVI to HDMI converter on it all I can see once I start the console is a black screen with the mouse cursor on the screen. There is no data. I can press alt-tab and see a screenshot that shows data but can’t get past the black screen.

Can you share the output of the log file that is printed to the terminal? Without seeing that it is difficult to know if there is an error occurring.

Also, is there any particular reason you are running Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi rather than Raspberry Pi OS?

Error between screen and keyboard. I had another SD card laying around and put Bullseye on it and everything installed and worked perfectly. I will definitely have to buy you a coffee. Thank you it is obvious alot of work was done to create an amazing console view for the Tempest WeatherFlow.

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