Can i have more than one WeatherFlow PiConsole with a single Tempest device

I have one console running flawlessly, i had built a second one and all seemed okay, but about 5 days later, when i rebooted the second wipconsole it is not connecting. I rebooted the console because the Red Circle with Exclamation point showed up. Is there a limit?

No, there shouldn’t be a limit as far as I am aware. The red exclamation mark means that the console is not receiving any data from the Tempest servers. Can you share with me all the information that is printed to the terminal on the second console that is not connecting (or the contents of the wfpiconsole.log file? If you stop the first console that is working correctly, does the second one begin to work properly?

Sorry, I have lost that data. I had seen in another post about doing a reset, so that is what I am in the process of doing, rebuilding the pi and reinstalling the software. If i continue to have issue, i will revert the information you requested. Thank you so much for this software and the convenience of using PI. This makes the Tempest better for those who want consoles without breaking the bank. I did look at the log and found very little in it. I trying tailing after a restart of the console and nothing ever got logged .

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I rebuild ant after waiting 15 minutes, console never gets data. I have the other console shutoff during the time to bring this one online. I started the other console and other than it now wants to update to 24.6.1 it connects and shows data within two minutes. The console that is not working had 24.6.1 code on it.

(Attachment wfpiconsole.log is missing)

attaching log file as a text file.

wfpiconsole.txt (3.6 KB)

Ok, are you intending to use the local UDP connection rather than the Websocket connection? If you are not getting data over UDP, it would suggest that your hub is not sending data correctly over your network. I will also double check that there are no issues with the UDP functionality my end. It is a pretty new part of the console

Thanks, i will turn off the UDP and see if that matters. Also just incase i got a separate Tempest Token for the second display.

Changing to WebSocket, i now have data displaying. Using Websockets means the data is coming from Tempest Cloud?

Yes, correct.

I’ll take a look at the UDP code to make sure there isn’t a bug that’s preventing it from working

Thanks, the other console is still in UDP mode and working fine. If there is anything i can do to help you TS let me know i am a network engineer and do some coding, python i’m not that well versed.

You should be able to listen to UDP on a dozen different computers as it’s a broadcast from the Hub to your LAN. Your log looks like the Wayland replacing X11 thing that happened in a recent major release of the os itself.

You might compare the wfpiconsole.ini files from the two computers. The one that’s not working should look like the one that ‘is’ working I’d think, if you’re UDP-only on both computers.

I could see websockets on the WF side being picky about multiple computers trying to access your data at the same time, depending on how they interpret where the request comes from. Might be a WF limitation (maybe - guessing a little here).

But I know you can have multiple UDP listeners on multiple computers. Heck you can have multiple UDP listeners on the ‘same’ computer as long as your app(s) share the listening socket.

I agree that the tempest hub should support more than one and for 5 days they did… The ini fukes was copied from one consile to the other so it was identical.

– Stephen Meyer

Again - compare your os on the two pi. Is one perhaps an older major version ?

Run ‘lsb_release -a’ on each system.

They are identical. Same pi vendor also

– Stephen Meyer

I’m not sure what to advise here. Brief testing has confirmed there is no issue with the UDP code, and I can happily run to instances of the console on two different pi devices listening to UDP broadcasts from the same device/hub.

Does the malfunctioning console work if you switch the function console off?

It sounds like there is a network issue with the malfunctioning console/pi that means it is no longer receiving the UDP messages.

Stephen you are providing very little data. Lets see the log from the ‘working’ system.

Otherwise I can only suggest you activate the python venv and do a ‘pip3 list’ and compare the versions of the modules the piconsole is using for both systems.

For what it’s worth I have 3 consoles running off one tempest, one on a PI3 with WeeWx running on it as well, one on an RPi2 and another on on an RPi4. All work as advertised.