A new version of the WeatherFlow PiConsole is now available: v24.5.1 -> small issue

Just did the update

wfpiconsole stop & update went normal
when I issued a wfpiconsole start it ended with the horrible can’t connect to x server …

a little sudo reboot and all is well again. Just you know, reboot the pi and it will most probably be ok.


Strange! I’ve seen a few reports of this ‘can’t connect to x server’ error, but have never been able to track it down or recreate it. Glad a reboot sorted it out for you!

I updated without issue.

Trying to update from 24.3.1 to 24.5.1…and I get this error:

This is a strange looking error. I would try and delete the entire Python virtual environment using

rm -rf ~/wfpiconsole/venv

and then try the update again. It will take longer second time around as it will need to reinstall all the Python packages


(Running on Rpi400 - Bookworm)
tried updating and keep getting this error …

pi@tempest3:~ $ wfpiconsole update

  [✓] Root user check passed
  [!] Architecture check warning (arm64)
  [✓] OS check passed (Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm))
  [✓] Raspberry Pi check passed (Raspberry Pi 400 Rev 1.0)

  [!] WARNING: unsupported architecture or Raspberry Pi detected
      No support is available for errors encountered while running
      the PiConsole

  Updating WeatherFlow PiConsole

  [✓] Checking for updated packages
  [i] No updated packages found

  [i] WeatherFlow PiConsole dependency checks...
  [✓] Checking for git
  [✓] Checking for curl
  [i] Checking for rng-tools (will be installed)
  [✓] Checking for build-essential
  [✓] Checking for python3-dev
  [✓] Checking for python3-pip
  [✓] Checking for python3-setuptools
  [✓] Checking for libssl-dev
  [✓] Checking for libffi-dev
  [✓] Checking for libatlas-base-dev
  [✓] Checking for libopenblas-dev
  [✓] Checking for jq

  [i] Installing Python virtual environment... already exists

  [i] Updating WeatherFlow PiConsole Python modules...
  [✓] Updating Python package manager

  [✓] Kivy Python library installation check

  [i] Latest version of WeatherFlow PiConsole: v24.5.1
  [i] Installed version of WeatherFlow PiConsole: v23.11.1

  [✗] Updating WeatherFlow PiConsole to v24.5.1
  Error: Unable to update WeatherFlow PiConsole

 fatal: unknown index entry format 0xffff0000

Had to Google this: github - git - fatal: Unknown index entry format - Stack Overflow

Try running

rm -f ~/wfpiconsole/.git/index
cd ~/wfpiconsole/
git reset

and then try updating again



Thanks again for all your work on this wonderful project.

working perfectly again… :slight_smile:

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