Websocket ~ Station Data Request

Can we get a ‘standard, default’ message on WS connection with the latest values from ‘all’ sensors?

What I am looking at is possibly getting the “latest” or “last reported” obs_air and obs_sky data when making a connection via the WS protocol. This would help with providing the user an ‘instant’ view of the data with out having to wait up to 1 minute to get it.

Yes, I know I can (and I DO) get the rapid_wind, but I need temp, baro, humidity, etc without making the user wait for it.


I think this is how the WS connection performs already, no? At least whenever I connect using a ‘listen_start’ event, the most recent observation from whatever device ID I have provided is immediately sent to the client. I don’t have to wait up to 1 minute at all.

I’m thinking prior to a listen_start… rather, push the obs_air and obs_sky immediately (maybe as a consolidated message).

I may not want to do a listen_ command immediately after making the WS connection.

Ah makes sense. I can see how this would be a nice addition.

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