Websockets Documentation for obs_st

I combed through this forum and through the WS docs. I don’t see a type of obs_st in the docs but this is what my Tempest is returning. Is there any newer documentation on WS pertaining to these events? If not, can someone describe the data format to me?

I read on these forums where the summary data was in testing and should likely be ignored. Is this still the case?

I can likely figure out the obs_st just by observing the various values, but of course some are 0 dealing with precip and lightning at the moment and there are a few new ones that are different than the udp obs_st.

I got an alert today via the app that it was raining at my station (it was not, I am sitting by my window and my half dead Acu-Rite 5-in-1 didn’t catch anything). I wasn’t logging UDP to a file at the time, but I do have an alert setup on UDP data for rainfall to trigger a broadcast alert via Google home (all done via HA) and that alert never fired. These sorts of things have me more curious about websockets when my Internet connection allows.

I’ve been starting to look at websockets to see if I can tie it into HA, perhaps with a fallback to UDP. Currently I am using @briis awesome UDP component in HA. Should be fairly straight forward to use WS. In a basic Python script I have been able to setup the connection using my oauth token, receive updates (printing them to screen at the moment), and then gracefully disconnect. So far things seem fairly straight forward, so much applause for how simple it is to integrate.

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Hi @matt5, there is currently no specific documentation for the Tempest websocket message, however the format of the obs JSON list is identical to that returned through the REST API. You can can see the format of that here: https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/swagger/ (click ‘expand operations’ in the top right). I believe all other fields returned in the obs_st websocket messages should be fairly self explanatory. Let me know if you need any further info!


Thanks for the clarification. Is the summary data subject to change since it is not documented, or can we rely on that staying there?

That was an oversight. We’ll fix that up soon. As @peter pointed out, the message format is identical to REST (and UDP).

Yes, the summary object is subject to change. Though it probably won’t go away, it will continue to change. Use with caution!


Awesome thanks for clarifying. I assume the summary data is accurate though? It’s just the data formatting or available values could change?

Yes, it’s accurate. It’s kind of a helper object we added to support the Tempest apps. so it may change based on the app’s requirements. We will probably need to solidify and document it at some point.