Weewx v4 + meteotemplate

I know we have a few good coders here and since I’m stuck … :upside_down_face: I’m no coder so I ask

I did the upgrade to weewx 4 a few days back (yep by accident while updating wfpiconsole) … seems we changed from python 2 to 3 and some things broke (the usual stuff :joy:)

I upgraded the driver from Vreihen + Belchertown skin and those parts run smooth but but

the code I use to upload data to Meteotemplate is broken for some reason, it doesn’t even spit out an error so I have a bit of a problem trying to solve it. Not sure where to even start

this is the code

I opened an issue but since it wasn’t touched in years and there is no activity in that section …

could a gentle soul have a look and eventually help me get this back up ? And maybe as service do a push to Matthew, guess I won’t be the only one getting in trouble


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one little step but … :thinking:

pi@WF_console:/usr/share/weewx/user $ PYTHONPATH=/usr/share/weewx python /usr/share/weewx/user/meteotemplate.py
uploading to http://localhost/template/api.php
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/weewx/user/meteotemplate.py", line 277, in <module>
    'outHumidity': 24}, None)
  File "/usr/share/weewx/user/meteotemplate.py", line 169, in process_record
  File "/usr/share/weewx/weewx/restx.py", line 500, in post_with_retries
    raise FailedPost("Failed upload after %d tries" % self.max_tries)
weewx.restx.FailedPost: Failed upload after 3 tries
pi@WF_console:/usr/share/weewx/user $ 

crazy …

during weewx upgrade something must get broken … did something silly, re installed the meteotemplate driver and guess :rofl: it started to work again …

short story, upgrade and re install the meteotemplate driver … in my case that solved it … go figure