What iOS weather app to use?

Seeing how there is a Tempest app that will show me weather at my house/weather station, I’m curious as to what to use when away from the house? Do most of you use Weather Underground or Carrott and just add your weather station to it, so when you leave home you can get current weather where you are at?
Or will the Tempest app also give you local conditions?

I subscribe to CARROT so I can have my weather station data when home (or within 2 miles, I believe) and then it switches to current location using DarkSky. This also allows me to get my station data on Apple watch too.

Tempest app only provides your station data and a local forecast.

I also posted an example for a Tempest shortcut using the Shortcuts app. Not exactly what I think you’re looking for, but if there are frequent places you travel to, it can be helpful to generate the shortcut with nearby Tempest locations so you can quickly check conditions before leaving, on the way or just for interest.
iOS and iPadOS Shortcut for Tempest locations

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With any luck, my app (btstWx) will support showing you “local” stations based in your current location when you travel.
It’s in the works… With the caveat that such a feature *may" only exist in the paid version…

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My most simple option is to use the public web page and you can add a shortcut link to it on your front screen. Put your station number in place of my station number ‘4555’ and you will be looking at your station: Tempest
I also use several other Apps and systems but the web page is my simplest option.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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To view weather at my house, I use the Tempest iOS app. For locations away from home, I use the DarkSky iOS app.