Wind speed from rest api

I access my station via the API at
the values I get for wind speeds are:
“units_wind”: “kph”,
“wind_avg”: 2.3,
“wind_direction”: 120,
“wind_gust”: 3.1,
“wind_lull”: 1.1,
“wind_chill”: 27.1,

at the same time, i get very different values from the app/webinterface at

8/26/2019 1:24 PM
8.2 (3.9 - 11.3) km/h 120°

it seems to me that the rest values are either in the wrong unit, or there is a conversion error.

Could you kindly check?


here is a page with all references and details for each. The webinterface can vary according what units you choose and also regarding zoom levels some bucketing is done (averaging), you have to zoom in to max to approach the real values

FYI: 2.3 meters per second = 8.2 kilometers per hour

The default wind speed reported by the REST API is m/s.

thanks for the answers.
so the value of station_units is the setting of the APP and not the value representation of the actual rest query?
Is there a way to specify the unit of the query response?