Windows Weather station


I’m developing my own variation of a weather station to suit my own needs. I found the android app to be unstable on a few of the tablets I tried. Would run for a few hours to days, then close unexpectedly I wanted a stand alone program to run on a small windows tablet and log data locally, Since I already develop Labview programs I took the easiest path I’m only using UDP and it been very consistent across updates so the programs never missed data. I’m happy to share what Ive done with a few conditions.

  1. I’m not a good graphic artist, so it comments appreciated on screen layouts
  2. It not finished, it does what I need even if it doesn’t look the part in places
  3. The units are local for Australia ie mm , C mm-Hg
  4. it is what is is, it suffers for continual changes, so it can be a bit rough in places
  5. of course there no warranty, or guarantee of fitness for use

hpa would be more local or australia I would have thought, instead of mm-hg for barometer

there is already a windows program that does lots of graphing and logging (which is customisable) and uses the UDP data

Your right I used the wrong units.
Sure there are plenty of programs that do logging and graphing, but there nothing like having the control of the entire layout. I looked at many other weather station templates and programs, and none were quite what I wanted. Also, easy to add new features.

if you mean control of the whole web page layout
that is easily possible (depending on what software you are talking about)

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I wanted something light weight that could support multiple displays on the same network running on a low power windows tablet as a display

My WxConsole can do that. Multiple consoles running on low cost Android tablets on the same network… or on iOS… or on Windows…