A graphical barometer

Hello all,
I have my station all set up and the app on my phone giving me lots of information. I am pleased with myself as I am a complete novice on all this and I would like to have a small screen of some sort displaying graphically all this info, so like my grandma tapping the barometer in the hall as she left the house saying it’s going up so it will be alright today. Thanks for reading this and looking forward to your help.
Thank you very much

Look at the Third-Party Applications.

tap an item in the App to see it graphed, then + or - to enlarge, and slide it sideways for history.

Yes, I have seen that, it is a great app.

What. exactly are you looking for?

Are you looking for something like @GaryFunk shows in this post?

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Something very simple…plug and play, as finding a server and go to the root is beyond my ken at the moment, I have a friend that might help me physically. Thank you for your reply.

Thanks for all your help guys.

You still haven’t told us exactly what you are asking for.

Sorry for not making it clear Gary.
A screen such as an iPad that I download a program too and via the web connects to my broadcast from my weather station that shows a barometer and a few other weather details in an easily recognised way so that Granny can see it and understand what it is saying as it is just like the actual barometer she has in the hallway. Do you think this is possible? Thanks

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Yes, it’s possible now to an extent. There are third-party applications that are capable of doing what you want. ArchiveSW could give you almost exactly what you want with a display modification. It only requires you set up a Raspberry Pi, which really is easy.

perhaps something like this would make you happy Physical Dashboard - First Test

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Great, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Thanks very much.

I sit at an iMac where it is all done for me, now a Raspberry Pi looks really interesting, thank you for pointing this one out.