Zero degree line on temperature UI graph?

Would it be possible to see a bolder (or different colour) zero degree line on the temperature UI graph? I think quick viewing of temperatures above and/or below 0°c could then be deciphered at a glance. This would be very useful to us gardeners of the world.

In fact, perhaps a better advancement of my idea would be to have a highlighted line(s) that could be dragged/set to any temperature position at the user’s preference?

I’m running android and use metric units.


I’m guessing this could be programmed as a line at freezing and then regardless of temperature scale it would display. Does anyone use Kelvin for meteorological temperatures? :crazy_face:

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Indeed… Although not sure about absolute zero! Don’t fancy carrying around a 3ft tall phone! :rofl:

But seriously, I think a programmable line would be useful for everyone that decides their own preference from Celsius to Fahrenheit to Kelvin…

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“Does anyone use Kelvin for meteorological temperatures?”

Some meteorological parameters are indeed specified in Kelvin (Equivalent Potential Temperature aka Theta-E … Potential Temperature aka Theta … Brightness temperature … to name a few).

Nothing that you can get froma Tempest though.

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Great Idea. Very Helpful!