App User Interface Suggestions - Use of Color


Use and enjoy my WeatherFlow AIR every day; looking forward to the delivery of my SKY (currently in Customs in NYC, NY)

I appreciate the spare, clean user interface. One place it might make sense to use more color, please. Help to quickly differentiate the current/selected temp/dew point values.

When I open my iOS app 2.0 (145) and select the AIR temperature pane, I am presented with a graph with two lines with two numerical values at the top. The two graph lines are temp in BLUE and Dew Point in RED. OK, but the two numerical values at the top of the page are both BLUE. Yikes! Which number is temperature, which is dew point. How about making the numerical value at the top of the page for dew point RED and temperature BLUE. Now I could easily interpret each value as it relates to the graph.

Just my thoughts. (As “maybe” really means NO, “just my thoughts” really means - ISN’T THIS OBVIOUS IN HINDSIGHT)


I think you talk about the value in the last zoom out for days like 85.3 °F (72.5 °F - 97.5 °F)
or 20.7 °C (19.0 °C - 23.1 °C).
if you talk about this then unfortunately this doesn’t contain the dew point,
it measure the average (Low - High) temperature without dew point.

Just rechecked the app on my iPad.

Clicking on a temperature line graph point in the past displays what looks exactly like the particular graph value of each the RED dew point, and BLUE temperature value in BLUE for both digit values at the top of the page.

Am I missing something?

Good suggestion. Thanks @y7mpsudsv8

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