A way to use Sky & Air on an RV or as a semi-mobile unit?

I know this is similar to the RVer on the move topic but I didn’t want to hijack that thread. I thought I’d ask this while the Indegogo campaign is still going and I had a chance to order another unit.

I’d just test this but I haven’t received my Sky & Air yet. From the reading I’ve done it appears that the unit could be linked to the cloud using a phone or tablet with internet connectivity. If this is the case could I set up the units on my RV, set the new GPS position, and tether it to a tablet and be able to read the weather data from it over the internet? I know I could read it when in BLE range. I’d probably keep it in private mode but would I still then be able to get local weather predictions?

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@gizmoev Yes, your scenario will definitely work. Once you park your RV in a new location, you simply need to change the geo-location in the app. Then all data can flow via your connected smartphone or tablet when the app is running. Or, you can config your HUB to the campground WiFi, or perhaps use a 3G cellspot. If there is no internet connectivity, the app can pull data directly from the HUB over BLE for display (however, no forecast data without internet).

If you have internet connection, the Smart Weather app will be able to query a weather forecast for your specified geo-location. ‘Private mode’ refers to the ability of others to see your weather data.

See also https://community.tempest.earth/t/sky-goes-sailing where a field tester demonstrates remote use of the SKY on a beach.

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Perfect! Guess I’ll have to order a second one. :grin:

I figured private mode was just for who could see the data. If I figure out a way to name or reference my device so people can’t figure out when I’m gone by where the unit shows up, I’ll probably make it public. I also have to figure out how to shade the Air so it gives reasonable values in all weather. I don’t want too big of a contraption to haul around.


My portable HUB running on a small cylinder power bank. At 20 hours and still going strong. Larger power banks will run for several days.Portable%20Hub


I can confirm a fully charged Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh battery lasts a full 24 hours powering the HUB. Includes BLE, WiFi, and data backfill operational conditions. That should be almost a week with a 22000mAh pack!


Here is a link to a post with a photo of how I’ve mounted the SKY to my RV: Photos of Sky and Installation