Air Relocation?

I am going camping… If I take the batteries out of my Air unit, get to the campsite, put the batteries back in… take the batteries out when I leave and put them back in when I get home… will this work?
Meaning, I would just collect the data while camping and then it would auto sync when it gets back connected to the home hub?
Any help or ideas are appreciated.

Anytime you remove power you loose all the data.


If you keep the batteries inside, you have to care about the storage capacity of the device :

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I take my whole station with me. I link the hub with a cellular device so I can get the data online. It really doesn’t use much data. If I go where there is no internet connection I only get the data that the hub still had uploaded when it gets into cellular coverage but I can still read the real time data with a Bluetooth connected device. I usually disconnect the SKY from the SPA (or take out the batteries) and leave the AIR running in my trailer because I like to see the internal temperature. When I get to my destination I setup the SKY on its pole and set the AIR outside and am good to go. I do have two stations with one permanently mounted at home.

If you are tent camping or backpacking then you might want to use something more portable.

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Thank you for the feedback. I have 2 air and 1 sky, so to not loose what I have running 24x7 at home, taking the air with me will not provide what I need/want. But the information was what I needed to make an educated decision
Thank you all!

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