Portable Tempest for RV use

I own an RV and would like a portable Tempest unit.

Only a local connection, not a web connection, as when camping, I may not have wifi.

Maybe the device connects to a small (phone size) screen device, rather than Tempest. Maybe transmits by Bluetooth, not wifi.

I want to easily remove it before traveling, and reinstall at each overnight. I can envision I would attach a pole (mast) to the RV ladder, permanently, and simply place and align the tempest.

You can already do this with the current system. It is exactly what I do and have done since the first generation SKY & AIR were released. The hub will connect to a mobile device, Android or iOS, via Bluetooth and you can see the information. I have also used a cellular connection by using a tablet or hotspot device to make the connection between the WiFi of the Hub and the internet.

Here are some links to posts/threads about doing this: