Ability to display dual units

I live in a mixed household: one of us grew up Metric and the other Imperial.

We battle over temperature display units.

Thus having the ability to display both at once on the app (we have an old iPad in the kitchen to display our Tempest data) would be awesome.


@PAWDF Welcome welcome !!

I am going to follow, and be interested in, other’s comments to this suggestion.

I think the idea is novel and not without merit. There are most likely a few use-cases for a display to present both units. However, I will be shocked if there is great demand for this feature.

An interface like that would be confusing.

I could imagine a user-interface that had the option to flip back-and-forth at a certain interval. With a quick-visual-clue to key the user what units are currently being displayed.

if you set the interval to 25 seconds: every 25 seconds the display would refresh and display Fahrenheit one time and Celsius the next time, etc…

Good Idea,

I am personally multi-units in everything that I do, and support this request enough to spend a vote on it.

For a alternate idea, having the ability to add both metric and imperial units as separate cards in the station data screen would probably require minimal coding changes…