Air Unit quit after 2 weeks

Air unit stopped reporting all data 2 weeks after startup on June 8. . Retrieved it - changed bats w/all new. No evidence of startup. Again changed out with different all new Duracell. (Was going to switch to lithium after 1st cycle). No sign of startup, no LED. Something is amiss.

Mine died this week too. Same symptoms. I’ve opened a support ticket.

OMG it’s a pandemic! or AIR-demic?

Sorry to hear about your recent passing. WF support was terrific in getting my unit replaced.

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Probably just a couple isolated cases. Support is sending out a replacement. Very quick response as I put in the ticket late last night and already have the response that a replacement is being shipped.

Something in the Air??? :rofl:

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These is better than the Comedy Channel. :laughing:

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Check the wire that leads to the battery compartment cover, it may have disconnected.

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That’s only in the SKY :wink:

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My bad, dyslexia setting in…


Just kidding… But not about the customer support. Appreciate the quick response.