Air flat battery, replaced, now dead?

HI All
I have an AIR at a remote location
I noticed it had stopped updating
the last reading, the battery level was very low, like 2.06 , replace
I have replaced the batteries…but the unit is dead Jim :frowning:
a blown capicator?

Did you perhaps put the batteries oriented in the wrong way ? Did you put in dead batteries ?

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Did it lose pairing with the Hub?

Another possible failure in some of the early stuff was the (positive?) wire falling off the metal plate on the battery door, which seems more likely since you just opened the door to change the batteries and it was working before that…

I will check on the wire problem, that might be it

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just had a look
there is no wire?
i would upload a photo but my android phone saves the photo as .heic

actually a screen shot of the image is saved as jpg

Maybe I’m confusing it with the Sky that had the wire to the door near the hinge? Sorry about that…