Alexa skill localization

I’ve just received my Tempest Weather System.
I wanted to activate the advertised “Alexa” integration, but the skill “Smart Weather” seems to be unavailable in my country; Correct me if I’m wrong.

Please make this clear in your “integrations” page, this could help other people by not loosing time trying something that doesn’t work.
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Thanks, Dan. It’s a very good point. Alexa is available natively in some countries and there’s an “international edition” for other countries. It’s hard to keep track where our skill works and where it doesn’t. It should definitely work in the US, Canada & Australia. We’ll make a note to make that more clear on the integrations page.

Also, full internationalization (of our apps as well as the integrations we support) is on our road map, and one of the many things we need to do before we launch international distribution properly (beyond crowdfunding). Thank you for supporting us and being an early adopter in your country!


Several years later, continue not working.
You promised it will work with Alexa in my country, false
You promised it will work with Spanish, false

You asked for time, but after several years my weather system does not work with Alexa