Alexa integration suddenly less usable

I installed the Tempest/Weatherflow Alexa skill some time ago and it worked well.

Now when I say “Alexa ask weatherflow what’s the weather”, Alexa just gives me the normal (not Weatherflow) information.

The only way I can get to the Weatherflow information is to say “Alexa ask Weatherflow” and then response to the prompt from Weatherflow and then I can ask “What’s the weather”

For what it’s worth, I have the integration installed as well (from a while back) and just tried “Alexa ask weatherflow what’s the weather”. I got back exactly what I expected. Maybe there was an issue with the Alexa backend, I’d be curious to see if it’s working for you now.

Mine has been working okay, too.

I ended up deleting the Weatherflow/Tempest Alexa skill and adding it back. Works ok again.

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