Anyone Receive a Pro Hub (Cellular hub) yet?

Hello, has anyone received their Pro Hub?

When the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns were running, you could apply for a Tempest with the Pro Hub which would operate without the AC powered WiFi hub, apparently replacing it with a solar powered Wifi to cellular hub. A Pro Hub would be absolutely killer!

That offer felt too aggressive at that time, so I went for the standard model. I find the 1000’ max range is not possible in my environment. I get about a 500’ range. This means the Tempest is located in an obstructed area where the wind readings are not valuable. Tempest Support keeps telling me the Pro Hub is still in the works but will not give a schedule. This is feeling like vaporware. Is there a real project with a real schedule?

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I thought I saw something that it was in beta testing. I haven’t received mine yet. I’m sure it ended up being more challenging than expected considering the pandemic related issues and then cellular providers shutting down older generation protocols like 3G.

The Pro Hub is not solar powered, but it could be. Basically it has Wi-Fi and cellular for backup, and comes with a 73Wh pass-through Hub Power Bank.

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Thanks gizmoev,

My understanding needed adjustment. I asked the wrong question. I’m actually searching for the status of the Tempest Remote System

Here is the text from the Indiegogo site:

"The Tempest Remote System

$339 USD (24% OFF)

Complete Tempest Weather System with Pro Hub, battery backup, weatherproof enclosure and solar power for your Hub. Allows fully autonomous operation in remote areas - no power or WiFi required. Battery backup provides power for up to seven days without sun. Includes a prepaid data plan for at least two years of standard data upload.

Included Items

  • Tempest System With Pro Hub
  • Hub Battery Backup
  • Weatherproof Hub Enclosure
  • Enclosure Solar Panel

Estimated Shipping

August 2020"

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This is the official email sent to backers last month:

We’re reaching out with an update on the Pro Hub, which continues to be delayed. While we would love to provide an estimated shipping start date, we aren’t quite there yet. We are committed to delivering the best remote weather system available, a mission that ultimately requires more time.

We value your early support and want to make sure you are satisfied with your pledge decision. To recap previous updates, all Pro Hub backers (Tempest Remote System and the Storm & Fire Ready Kit) have been given the following options:

  • Cancel your pledge and receive a refund.
  • Switch your pledge level to the standard Tempest Weather System and get a refund for the difference.
  • Receive a standard Tempest Weather System now and the Pro Hub + pledge level accessories when they become available.

**Please note that all Pro Hub backers who cancel or change their pledge level can also receive 50% off the Pro Hub device and remote components when they become available. If you wish to receive a refund or switch your pledge level, please contact our support team.

We have experienced several challenges in the last two years. The pandemic and supply chain slowdowns and shortages have made it difficult to source the best components and receive them in a timely manner. The silver lining is that these delays led to several improvements that made the Pro Hub even better. Those changes include a lower-power LTE modem that will operate in more regions of the world and external antennas for both the LTE modem and the radio that connects the Hub to the Tempest.


We are continuing extensive field tests on production samples of the Pro Hub and will carry on with development to deliver a high-quality product that exceeds expectations.

We appreciate the trust you’ve given us and thank you again for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Team WeatherFlow-Tempest


OK Sean, it’s been almost a year since your post and nothing new has been reported since then. After my initial backing, I opted two years ago for the Tempest station that works with my WiFi and to wait for the Pro Hub components. I am starting to wonder if WeatherFlow has abandoned this effort. We ProHub backers need to be treated more fairly with at least an occasional status report on the progress towards fulfillment with the Pro Hub components.


@dsj or @eric, do you have any tidbits on this you can share?

Per the latest investor news update two weeks ago:

Product Enhancements:
We expect growth to accelerate in the future, partially due to our new product variations. Our engineering and design teams have been diligently working to enhance the Tempest experience, and we are about to roll out a new remote cellular-based hub that has received an overwhelmingly positive response from field testers and early customers. Our new products illustrate our commitment to delivering the best-in-class weather monitoring for any environment as part of powerful decision solutions.

With that said, I was a backer of the complete cellular kit on day one (can you say earliest customer), did NOT take the offer for a non-cellular Tempest, and have seen/heard nothing beyond the above investor update on when the cellular Hub and package will finally ship…

I have two tidbits!

  1. we have been terrible at estimating release dates for this product
  2. we are planning to release this product (cellular hub and remote kit) in Q4 this year, shipping to all original backers in early 2024 (look for a note soon, original backers!)

Is this month already Q4 on your fiscal calendar? (Ears perking up like an excited dog!)

What a shame that it won’t be shipping sooner, because we are leaving for a road trip down south this weekend. I am planning to install my remote kit at our tree farm in SC, but probably won’t be going down that way again before June, 2024 after next week’s trip…

Q4 is coming to a close soon. I hope to see a communique from Weathflow soon regarding a cellular/ solar based system.

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