[App] 10-day forecast layout

Hey all! I just noticed the 10-day forecast appears slightly different on tempestwx.com vs in the Tempest Weather mobile app (on Android).

The biggest noticable difference is on the web the layout uses full days like “Wednesday, Feb 10” versus the app which has abbreviated names like “WED 10” and no month.

Here’s a photo album for comparison:

I find the non-abbreviated names visible on the web much easier to read. Any chance the mobile app is just running a release or two behind the web? Would love to see the web layout within the app.

actually I kind of prefer the three letter names. Way less clutter on the screen and just as informative.
Btw you missed the opportunity to suggest wednesday, november 24 2021 (just kidding :wink: )

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I find the full week days easier to scan because I can see the shapes of the days, but more importantly I think are the divider lines on the web app. Without the lines it all kind of blurs together for me.

Because divider lines would mean adding more white space I wonder if alternating the background like in the More Current Conditions would look ok. It would keep the same spacing so not need more screen real-estate.

@tristan isn’t the alternation between bold date and regular line below enough to separate?
@gizmoev the alternating background isn’t particular nice looking, but that’s of course a personal opinion. If they want to have a separation there is plenty of room for a one pixel line.