[App] Auto Scaling of Y Axis in All Graphics

Unfortunately, the graphics do not automatically scale for the period you are observing in the display window - be it several minutes or several days/months. If you have extreme observations such as wind speed, pressure etc. registered in the history of a reading one can’t see any differentiation in values when looking at shorter periods of time. This is similar to the scaling of the battery graph problem.

I don’t understand why the item below was implemented in the most recent Android app update. It reduces the usefulness of the battery graphs.

Here are before and after screen shots:

If you must have a fixed y-axis then please add the option to return to the autoscaled axes or allow them to be user specified or zoomable. The battery graphs on the web and iOS have largely been useless to see trends when dealing with battery voltages.

I certainly hope WeatherFlow/Tempest doesn’t prioritize all requests by how many votes a request receives. This scaling issue is a significant weakness relative to all other apps that display weather data. There is not a single decent app out there that operates like Tempest in this regard. If you are looking to stand out, then this is a function that in my mind should be addressed immediately. Certainly, your graphics are inferior to your competitors - Davis, Rainwise, etc. - because of this scaling problem.

Keep in mind, some people never look at the graphs.

That may be true, but why would WF want to intentionally limit its market size / penetration?

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From what I have gleamed in the last three years this is marketed at consumers that shop at Target, Walmart and Best Buy. Most of those consumers just want the basic information.

I got involved because I wanted the UDP information. I go weeks and months without opening any of the applications. The graphs could be removed and it might be months before I noticed.

I’m hoping for a better graphing system in general, that allows arbitrary panning and zooming. With two finger zoom/pan you could zoom in vertically and horizontally giving you the detail you are hoping for.
However with battery power, the vertical resolution is 0.01 V, there really isn’t any need to zoom in vertically to see the detail. But in general yes the vertical zoom is something to improve on.

My example screen shots from before and after the app update show why it is important to be able to zoom in more and not have a fixed y-axis scale. Basically WF removed the ability to see subtle changes in voltage. The new graph is barely better than just looking at one value.

well in your example above in the left image you can see that if your screen is around 15 cm, the difference vertical steps between the data point is about half a centimeter. The space in between is just wasted. The one on the right is perhaps not as detailed as you would like. In short, a more flexible scaling is what is preferred so anyone can scale as he or she likes.

No, the space isn’t “wasted” it accentuates the change. Right now, when I look at the battery voltage graphs it is difficult to discern the charging cycles because of all the “wasted” space above and below the narrow voltage range of the Tempest. The devices basically shut off by they time they reach 2.0V so why go down to 1.8? The Tempest never gets close to 3.0V so why scale to 3.6V? Everything is really flattened out now so visually seeing the change is difficult at best. Maybe that is what WF wanted, I don’t know.

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if the voltage is always between 2.0 and 3.0V there is no need to make the range on the vertical axis any bigger than that. I guess Weatherflow does have the min and max voltage from all the units. Hopefully they use that data to come up with the best range. Still, a graphing system where users can pan/zoom all they want, would be better.

They used to have auto scaling of the battery graphs on Android which was what I always went to for battery graphs because they worked for any device. They removed the feature from Android rather than applying it to iOS and Web.

We can only hope. And keep requesting and voting.

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