iOS 4.03 (432) and Android 4.02 (93) apps are rolling out

iOS: 4.03 (432)
Android: 4.02 (93)

It may take some time to be available on all stores and worldwide. Check regulary.

Changes for all platforms include:

  • Pressure Trend added to More Current Conditions Section
  • Share icon was added to the Better Forecast
  • Public Share page link was added to the Public Data section in Station Settings

Additional Android Changes

  • Fixed graph issue when rotating device
  • Updated the battery graph to have a fixed y-axis
  • Users with phones that do not support BLE can now download the app (as long as they have Android 4.3 or above).

Additional iOS Changes

  • Fixed issue where station name could overlap with station/forecast toggle
  • Updated the battery graph to have a fixed y-axis

(As always if you have bugs or remarks, please use appropriate categories and don’t forget to mention OS and phone model to help the developers)

With the warmest regards from the Weatherflow Team !