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I keep reading comments that talk about both GRID view & Graphs but haven’t seen, can’t find, any link to these “features”…Help please

Click on the tempest icon at thr top right of the screen.

Thanks, I’ve done this previously. I didn’t realise I had the terminology wrong. I was thinking GRAPH would display a graph of weather parameters movement. Thanks to your reply, I now realise GRAPH means a graphic representation of weather elements.

However, even though I now get that, I still can’t get the battery voltage to display. I’ve gone into SETTINGS in both the APP on an iPad & into the web version and checked that DISPLAY BATTERY CARD is selected, but still no display in either GRID or GRAPH display mode.

In a separate issue, I couldn’t connect my output to WU. That turned out to be that the interface was missing that option, support restored the option, which fixed the issue. I wonder if this is another issue like that.

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If you click on an item in grid view it will display a graph.

So it does!

Clever, but not obvious.

I’ve followed the few links to help that came with the station, but haven’t found anything yet remotely like a user manual.

Is there a source of knowledge or is it acquired by helpful people like you?

So now I’ve found a graph, all I think I need to find is how to display the battery voltage.


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It is old and outdated but there is this one:

For the battery card to show go in settings-> station->advanced and toggle it on (or off and back on) to make it appear

By default it is off

Thanks Eric. Support confirmed that I was following the steps correctly. I kept togging to ON, going back a page & Saving, just didn’t appear. I kept trying it over a couple of days, when suddenly Battery Voltage appeared.
I reported this to Support, they couldn’t explain it, just another intermittent gremlin.

Still working OK after 24 hours

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