[App] Historical Data Stats & Totals (Completed)

I wholeheartedly agree. That means Southern California would like to be able to not only have weekly monthly but also seasonal based upon our season. Which might be different than seasons and other regions

Weekly rainfall total also

As a grape-grower in Napa - our Annual Rain Year begins in OCT and runs thru MAY, so an adjustable timeframe for the accumulated data would be much more important to us than a calendar year total. Thanks - TD


The CoCoRaHS rain year is October through September, so that would be another logical annual report for WF to make available.

I can only repeat what I have said before as everybody has his/hers personal preference …
“i would prefer this to be coupled to the current graph, so in a corner of the graph it shows the total accumulated rain that is shown in that graph.”

That would be great as long as we can enter the endpoints of the graph. The way graphs work right now, do you display only what shows on the visible screen, the whole graph from beginning to end which you have to scroll through to see, or what? Without being able to define the endpoints the results would merely be curiosity numbers and not likely to match any particular need.

I’m still hoping for a better graphing system :wink:

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It would be nice to have the Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Totals along with the Daily totals displayed on App.

Any updates on when the Weekly, Monthly and Yearly totals might be added? The original rain summary request was June 2020.

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Hopefully it will make it in the next major update. That should be soon!


I also would like MTD & monthly, YTD & yearly rainfall. The local TV weather says we are about to break an April record.
I believe farmers would need this option.

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If your new to the community, vote for your favorite features you want developed at the top of the thread

Thanks for the update. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

After all, WeatherFlow has been promoting weekly and monthly highs, lows, and averages as an existing feature on their website for many months now.

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@WeatherFlowTeam any update to this request

Any updates? I voted…as a new user I’m very surprised that you can’t see rain totals for on particular month or month to date etc.

A little patience. Rome wasn’t built in one night. :wink:

there are people beta testing this. So hang on.

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As this was implemented I close the topic, this is to release all your votes you can use on another feature request