App not updating on Android

Hi All
I can see the graph data is correct but the summary screen is not updating - any ideas anyone?

Have you completely closing the app and restarting it or rebooting your device?

Yes - have tried this … just the first screen is blank - the second data screen is up to date. web sire via laptop up to date as well…


What about uninstall and reinstall the app? I have noticed that the updates in the summary screen don’t happen as quickly as they used too. I don’t know if it is tied to app updates or if the WF servers are busier with more stations coming online.

Please post screenshots with the issue.

Hmm I just noticed its updating OK via the cell data service, but not when I am on wifi at my work place…


That points to your work blocking the web socket connection. Case solved.

will check that - its worked for ages so far over the work network though

I see I had this same issue Nov 2017 but I cant find what fixed it…
thanks for comments


Does the web browser interface update when at work? I’ve saved an icon to my phone with a direct web browser link to my stations.