Console data not updating

Every now and then, on the weather screen in the upper right corner of the “cards”, I may see something like “5 hours ago”, or “2 hours ago”, etc. This seems to indicate the displayed data is old. Sometimes, hitting the “refresh” button on the browser fixes it, but not always. What’s happening here, and can I fix it?

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Given that your hub and Tempest have very good RSSI values, the old data is unlikely due to anything with your station. It very well could be due to your app not having fetched the current data yet, or your station may not have been able to send the dtat to the WF servers due to some internet glitch, or something else. I typically don’t have to refresh the page to get the data to update.

Are you seeing the issue on your phone or do you have a computer or tablet running the app or website?

If you are talking about what you can see at your station URL (something like " // " ) occasionally “going to sleep”, I see this periodically . In fact, I am currently seeing it

These symptoms are suspiciously similar to the issues that are happening that WeatherFlow PiConsole users are seeing (see WeatherFlow PiConsole - #2683 by peter et al.) . The PiConsole issues are being attributed to some kind of API issue (but, not sure if it applies to the browser version of the app) … but, I have not seen much response from WeatherFlow folks about the issue, so, I am not sure. Often, when this happens, the “rapid” wind updates are still occurring.

At any rate, when I see the issue, reloading the page does resolve the issue for me (but, it may come back pretty quickly … multiple restarts are occasionally needed).

It does seem to me that something is occurriing on the WeatherFlow servers that has yet to be diagnosed.

Yes wx3i09, I am seeing just what you show in your screenshot, although not all the time.

This happens on several Windows 10 PC’s running the app in a web browser. Although not necessarily at the same time, or with the same “delay”. Usually not an issue on my Android phone app.

Even so, the wind speed and direction often seems to be in real time even though it may display “2 hours ago”, or whatever. Usually, a refresh of the web page fixes the issue. Once it gets down to “1 hour ago”, it begins counting down from 59 minutes to zero in a rapid succession, until it is “live” again.

I wonder if this is not something related to recent browsers that ‘stop’ a page when you are not actively looking at it (other program in foreground or other tab) … I know for sure Safari does on Mac to spare energy

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Honestly, although “sleeping tabs” or “sleeping pages” could be an issue, that seems pretty unlikely to me. The fact that you see the “nn mins ago” type of thing seems to indicate that the page is awake (otherwise, you would just see an old page from the last time it was active). but not getting updates from the server.

I completely agree with this assessment. It seems like data messages just randomly stop streaming over the websocket (although this doesn’t appear to effect rapid_wind observations). A reboot can fix it or it may not. It appears very random. The only pattern I have seen is that when I start the PiConsole it can sometimes knock my weewx data offline. Sometimes it doesn’t. It would be good to hear from the WF team if they know what is going on

Hi @eric ,

It’s been a while. I am not convinced at all that this is a browser issue. It is very inconsistent … no pattern at all. Some times it works fine, even overnight with no human or programatic interaction and nothing happening to keep any tabs/pages active, and yet, the display stops reporting data and a refresh of the page is needed. The “rapid_wind” does seem to still be updating fine, but, no other data works (similar to what is happening with the API with third-party apps like wfpiconsole).

Has anyone at WeatherFlow been looking at what could be happening on the server side to cause something like this?

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