Assmann Psychrometer

Someone owns one of these rare to find humidity instruments ??


trying to find one (metric version C°), if you ever cross a dealer having those with a price or even a second hand one … let me know :wave:

That thing is pretty sexy what is the regular price for such a beast?? The name honestly of Assman made me burst out laughing.

I said Eric is simply trolling here but sure enough its a real name!! :rofl::joy:

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well no, it exists (pretty old instrument ) seems to be readable to .2 °C and you have a little key that you use to wind the ventilator on top, it runs for several minutes and then you can read the difference from wet and dry bulb. Seem you can use in plain sun … though I would hang it in my Stevenson screen.

didn’t find the regular price, and only place I find them is once again in India …

I can get you one. The price is $1,195.00. The add shipping.

found one for 28500 roupies (new) … about 350 Euros …

if someone has a used one for sale :wink:

Wow ~ Didn’t know that piece of hardware would cost so much . . . :nauseated_face:

Here is another one.

I bet that the folks at WF could disrupt that market as well… :wink:

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Then you’d better jump on this one Eric…


That’s a nice find. If it were in North America I’d buy it.


thanks for the link, contacted the seller. See what he replies.


some history regarding the inventor of this instrument


Anything back from the seller yet?

He replied but seems the seller has no idea what it is for and can’t tell me if it is working or not …

it is °F but guess that or °C … it is the difference in temp that counts … let’s see how it goes :slight_smile:

EDIT : I did good to wait, eBay gave me à 10€ voucher lol. I pushed the button.


Today I received the new thermometers since the ones in the unit were old and non functional.
Tomorrow evening first test as I had to assemble the unit (though it is easy)

If you ever need a custom made thermometer, I found a company in Germany (old fashion but really really nice and high end)
And they have standard in their product line the assmann thermometers.
You can contact them via mail with any weird question, plan of what you need, seems they can build to need and honestly not over priced (1 thermometer -10 - +60°C and 0.2°C reading = 50 €). Great packaging and DHL delivered. And I even got a good plastified chart to calculate …

Thermo Schneider

And to be really honest : the nickel plated assmann next to the air …

ad again thanks @mddiehl for the link. :ok_hand: