RH is all whacko

Could someone please look at my Relative Humidity figures on my air 4784 looks like they have been incorrect for a long time Is the cl being applied or a failed sensor or what ? Rained all day mostly on 9th and just 74%

Humidity is not just about rain. It’s a combination that makes humidity go up and down, not just rain. Also depending on where your Air is situated can influence hugely it’s readings.

I live in a region known to be very humid, bit like Vietnam, no rain in weeks and still I can have nights gong near 95% …

We’d need to know a bit more of where your Air lives, above grass , above stone … Calibration routine ran yesterday but didn’t apply any change for you .

Its in a Stevens Shield 4.5’ -5’ above a grassy surface and if you look at colocated Atlas 98% hi 75 % low and 89% avg same day. Also have a Tempest about 30 ’ away and it 97 % right now and Sky is 71% right now and Atlas is 97% right now This also affects the dew point on graphing should dewpoint and temp come together when its raining as on both my other 2 units and every one else around me ? I live in southwest Indiana and its rare to have low Humidty levels liken I saw when I scrolled back through to 2018.


I took the air out and set it on top of Stevens shield and look at the jump it making unless you did something but something pulled it back down? I know why it made the Jump I blew ito the little entry way to make sure it was clear My Coffee breath made that spike :grin:

Latest calibration didn’t change your Air. It will run this week again, let’s see what happens.

Also some stations near you show very different values, some near your Air value (VP2) and other near 90%. Not sure why but as you know humidity can be very tricky.

And BTW you had luck blowing just at the right moment to get the HR up (it doesn’t sample every second :wink: )

Should I leave outside of shield it did not seem to make any difference to Humidty but it sure will if the sun comes out Just a little more info from same site as air.

put it back in the shield, at least the sun won’t bake it when it happens to pop out of the clouds and for humidity it doesn’t matter (my experience at least)


@eric Sorry I Did not get back to you sooner but can you look at that air Humidity again It is fairly close when others stations are in the range that the air seems to work in but when my 2 other stations are in the 80-90 100% the air is in the 70 % range

AIR ID 4784
Tempest Id 15465
Atlas https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KINVINCE3/graph/2020-02-18/2020-02-18/daily

Today its sunny so this afternoon they will probably track closer but cloudy foggy high humidity days like yesterday they are not even close at all the few stations that are around me the other day you saw were in the 70% range are big buildings on 3-4 acres of gravel

@fishrman : I pushed your request to internals, they are having a look and will come back to you directly.

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15465 Tempest Beta
16584 Air replacement in 2/22/20 for same reason but worse.
Had 2” per hr rainfall yesterday 5/17 and only read 90-91 percent humidity I went back thru history on Humidity and I have not had a reading 95-99% reading since units were first installed. Humidity is low compared to my Atlas WU ID KINVINCE3 I wonder if they have been running correct CL calibrations for my Units Sky/AIR, Beta Tempest,because if you look at history after you run the calibration on both units humidity never gets above 91-92%, when I first installed it readings seemed normal 99-100% correlated to rain events.
Tempest unit never has gotten above these numbers since March 7th Air has not been above 91% since March 25th it would read 99-100% humidity during rain right after installation 2/22-2/26 after that it maxed out at 94% from 2/26-/3/25 and now it does not get above 91% these points all correlate with Rain events This messes up more than the humidity it also messes up dew point tracking.

Could you please look at this Seems like everything you do is messed up for my area my time zone is wrong have to get placed manually into EST , rain check is always way off and the longer my units are out the worse the rainfall totals seem to be before Rain Check and not much better with rain check. And of course Humidity!

I still think that these devices are great and I will be purchasing a Tempest Be safe :mask: