Just ordered weather flow

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and ordered a weather flow smart weather station from weather flow website.

I allready have an ambient ws 2029a clone and a Davis Vue and bloomsky.

Cannot have to many weather stations


The biggest problem with owning multiple weather instruments is trying to decide which one is most correct!!! :rofl:


Welcome to the WeatherFlow Family.


True. I do find my bloomsky gives the most accurate temp, but all pretty much close

“A man with one weather station always knows what the weather is. A man with two weather stations is never sure.”

I hope those earthquakes aren’t giving you grief.


Well with your weather station hooked up to WU or something like it and all giving different to yours, even in the same general area, than you still dont know if yours is correct.

Yours connected to WU is like you allready own many weather stations which vary in temps, pressure, even rain, etc in the same city as yours, etc.

I find all 3 are all pretty close indeed to each other

I hope you enjoy yours. I certainly enjoy mine. I’ve used mine “fixed” (back yard pole) and mobile (mounted on rack above car). My only ‘problem’ has been vibration associated with road roughness + highway car-relative winds (sustained over 80 mph!) tricking the Sky into thinking I’m in severe rainfall and not much wind. Assuming you aren’t doing that, like most normal people, I think you’ll like it!

I’m also looking into getting one or more installed on my University campus.

All good, just poking fun using an adage about Segal’s law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segal’s_law . I play around with NTP (network time protocol) at work so I have it floating around my head.

Congrats on getting your new weather station. I wish they would hurry up and start making them available for Europe. Waiting a very long time.


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Why wait? I ordered one straight from weather flow website and live in New Zealand.

You could get one now if you wanted? Why wait for a European release?

I allready see New Zealand has quite a few showing up.

I just got mine sent to our NZ post address in the usa and from there will send it to my NZ address

Because there are two different radio frequencies used between the hub and the sensors depending on country regulations. Also, some WiFi frequencies available in the United States are not in other countries.

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Would not worry about radio frequency. The radio frequency will be a much shorter range. As far as wifi goes never had an issue here and would assume all those in NZ wont be accually for Aust/NZ.

Even bloomsky works here and was not country specific.

Even Amazon.com send them to NZ, so would assume if they would not work here then would not ship them here.

I have a phantom drone and use the usa frequency due to it being twice the range.

I would not rely on a shipper to make sure I’m in compliance with a country’s laws. Of course the laws of physics work everywhere, but if you’re the cause of an issue because of being out of compliance that would fall under the term negligence. We may not lile our country’s radio frequency laws but more often than not, there is very good reason for them. Some consequences can be fatal.


As I’ve said before, why risk an AGM-88 HARM missile blowing your PWS to bits because it is operating on an illegal frequency for your local ITU Region???