Automatic weather tweets from Tempest

I want to open a thread here on how to get meteodata and weather forecasts from my Tempest stations to Twitter (X).

Previously, this was possible on WeatherCloud, to which you can also automate the sending of weather data from Tempest stations (script “WundergroundStationForwarder”).
However, sending messages to Twitter (X) has been impossible for almost a year now, the operator of the WeatherCloud site has discontinued this option even for paid plans.

I would really like to have such an option, as there is a community around one of our stations (in the mountains, often lots of snow, bad weather) that would benefit from such messages.

Does anyone know of an option, even a paid one, I know Musk has cut back and is having it paid for.

I wrote a twitter bot a couple years ago using the Tweepy Python library. When the API changes were made, it broke and never looked into it further. The Tweepy library has since been updated and works with the new Twitter API, though I haven’t put the effort into seeing if it still works with the new Tweepy and Twitter API.

Here’s my repo GitHub - MABeatty1978/TwitterWeatherBot

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Hi, thank you for the information.
It looks interesting, but quite complicated for me, I’m no programmer, nor do I know what I could run it on🤔

Would you be willing to develop this into a script, running similar to the “Wunderground Station Forwarder” project (GitHub - leoherzog/WundergroundStationForwarder at latest) on the Google Apps Script platform ?
That would be great👍